Ontario Meeting Specials at Rocky Crest Golf Resort

You're looking for a special destination meeting for a lot of reasons.

You want fresh air.  You want sunlight.  You want an atmosphere that is relaxing, calming and comfortable for your Ontario conference or meeting.  You want good food and you want a refreshing sleep.  You want your group to be together, socializing, working hard, having fun.  The result will be a healthy, happy, rejuvenated and appreciative group.

Speak to us.  Ask about the memorable event we can create for you.  No matter what you are looking to accomplish with your event, we can help.

All our accommodation rooms are full suites.  Each has a separate entrance into a full living room and dining area, all close enough to each other to easily socialize attending Ontario meetings and events at Rocky Crest.  All rooms are steps from the Lake Joseph waterfront.  We have numerous dining facilities for a change of pace and all our event space has floor-to-ceiling windows to allow the Muskoka ambience in.  Two-bedroom suites are great to accommodate two delegates in separate bedrooms and share the common areas.

Team building?  We have a full range of "on-site" activities your group can participate in to have fun and get to know each other better.  We provide several base programs and will customize them to suit your needs.

To plan your next Ontario conference or meeting, call Laura Murney at 1-800-263-5763, extension 346 or send an email to lmurney@clublink.ca.