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Furry Family is Always Welcome!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Here at Rocky Crest, we’re continually astounded to learn how many resorts claim to be “Family-Friendly”, but exclude pets from the property. If you’re like us, you love your pets. And the thought of having a “family vacation” without your furry family members feels like no fun at all!

Being a true Family Resort, at Rocky Crest we love seeing the bond between our smallest guests and their furry friends. We understand the value of that loyal companionship between kids and pets, and as such, not only are pets welcome at the resort, but we go a step beyond to offer several activities and play areas for our animal guests.

What can my pet do at Rocky Crest?

Hiking Located on more than 700 acres of gorgeous Muskoka wilderness, Rocky Crest Golf Resort has an endless number of hiking trails, walking paths, and open places to run. While we ask that guests keep their pets on a leash in the public spaces of the resort, with this many spots to explore, your pet will never feel “cooped up”.

Swimming Rocky Crest Golf Resort is lucky enough to have two beaches located on two separate lakes. The Armishaw Lake beach and dock area is the perfect spot for pets who love to swim. Armishaw Lake is a small, private, quiet lake nestled amongst century pines. With plenty of sticks to chase into the cool water, it’s the perfect reward after a long day hiking in the summer heat.

Keeping Cool All our rooms at Rocky Crest Golf Resort are air-conditioned. While we prefer that your pet not be left unattended in your room, during the times when you must leave him or her, you can rest easy knowing that the space is cool and quiet, perfect for a relaxing nap.

Socializing Roam the grounds at Rocky Crest Golf Resort and you’re sure to spot several kids walking their dogs down to the dock, up past the pool, and along the boardwalk. If your dog is a party animal, you’ll find there’s no shortage of opportunities to meet other canine companions during your stay.

We’re pet lovers, too! One of the best things about staying at Rocky Crest Golf Resort with your pets is knowing you’re among like-minded people. There’s no concern that you’ll receive a “naughty head shake” from your neighbour for taking the pooch out for a walk. We all understand how important your furry friends are to you, and we treat them with the respect they deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Book your WHOLE family in for a fun-filled stay at Rocky Crest Golf Resort. Call us at 1 (866) 323-3305, or view our Summer Package Offers to learn more!

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